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Press Brief


Ethiopian Peacekeeping Contingent to Liberia Seen Off

The Ethiopian peacekeeping contingent to be deployed in Liberia as per the decision and request of the African Union and the United Nations Security Council was bidden farewell yesterday.

In a farewell address he delivered to the departing contingent, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi who is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces urged the contingent to effectively discharge their lofty responsibility entrusted to them taking cognizance of the unreserved support provided by the government and people of Liberia while Ethiopia was in trouble.

Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Lt. General Samora Yenus on his part expressed his conviction that the well-prepared contingent would diligently accomplish its mission of ensuring peace and stability in that country.
EH-18 Dec 2003

Meles Confer With Top Officials

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi held talks separately at his Office with the Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau, the President of Senate of Algeria as well as with the Foreign Affairs Ministers of Libya and Kenya on bilateral issues and other international concerns.

The talks between Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and the Libyan Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Abdurahman Shalagam focused on the bilateral cooperation between Ethiopia and Libya as well as on the problem created in the process of Ethio-Eritrea border demarcation. Meles told Shalagam that the government of Ethiopia has been firmly committed to solve the problem through peaceful means only.

Conferring with the Algerian President of Senate Dr. Abdulkadir Bin Sallah, Prime Minister Meles said Ethiopia has unwavering commitment for peace. The Algerian Government and President Abdulaziz Bouteflika have been playing due roles in resolving the Ethio-Eritrean border conflict, Meles said.

Prime Minister Meles also received and held talks with the Kenyan Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka on bilateral issues as well as on the peace process in Somalia and the Sudan. Musyoka on the occasion delivered a message sent from Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki to Prime Minister Meles.

Prime Minister Meles also held talks with Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau Dr. Antonio Artur Sanha on issues of peace and stability in that country
ENA-16 December 2003

China-Africa Cooperation Forum Concludes

The second ministerial conference on China- Africa Cooperation Forum concluded here injecting fresh vigor and vitality to the mutual cooperation of China and Africa. The conference adopted the Addis Ababa Action Plan after extensive deliberations.The action plan has the content that furthers cooperation for the next three years in economic and social development sectors.

Speaking at the closing session, Minister of Foreign Affairs Seyoum Mesfin said much has been done within the framework of the Beijing declaration in the economic and social development.

He said the business people of both sides have contributed to the deepening and expansion of China -Africa Cooperation by injecting the dimension of people-to-people ties. Chinese vice Minister of Commerce Wei Jianguo said his country would continue to promote all round cooperation with African nations, the African Union and the many sub-regional organizations.
ENA-16 December 2003

China-Africa Memorial Statue Inaugurated

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao inaugurated the China- Africa memorial statue erected in the Bole area in Addis Ababa. Minister of foreign affairs Seyoum Mesfin and his Chinese counter part Li Zhaohing also attended the inaugural ceremony.

The statute manifests the pivotal role Ethiopia plays to consolidate the China- Africa relation, foreign minister Seyoum Mesfin said.

The Chinese foreign minister Zhaohing said on the occasion that the fact the statue has been erected in Addis Ababa, which is the seat of the African Union is symbolic of China- Africa cooperation.

The Chinese prime minister Wen Jiaboa who was for a three day official working visit to Ethiopia and to attend the second ministerial conference of the China- Africa cooperation forum left for home on the same day.
ENA-16 December 2003

Ethiopia, China Sign Agreements

Ethiopia and China have agreed to further strengthen their relations of cooperation in economic, trade and other fields, the Prime Ministers of the two countries said.

The two countries have accordingly signed agreements that would enable them cooperate in economic and cultural fields as well as in matters related to visa issuance.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and his Chinese counterpart, Wen Jiabao have led the delegations of their respective countries at the opening of the Ethio-China Bilateral Cooperation Meeting at the National Palace.

The two prime ministers have on the occasion pointed out that over the past few years the economic and business relations between the two countries have grown. Both prime ministers have expressed strong desire to take the existing relations to a higher level.

The Prime Ministers have also underlined the need for the governments of the two countries to back efforts to bolster existing trade and investment activities in their two countries.

Meles said cooperation between the two countries in the areas of human resource development, transfer of agricultural technology and infrastructure development has registered significant results.

The two sides have on the occasion signed agreements related to economic and cultural cooperation as well as one aimed at speeding up visa issuance services by the two countries.
ENA-15 December 2003

Sana'a Forum For Cooperation Concludes

The third session of the foreign affairs ministers of Ethiopia, Yemen, and the Sudan concluded on the ministerial meeting of Sana'a forum for cooperation issuing a joint communiqu¨¦ and recommending to hold the next consultations in the second half of December 2003 in Addis Ababa.

According to the joint communiqu¨¦, Seyoum Mesfin of Ethiopia, the Yemeni Dr. Abubaker Abdullah and the Sudanese Dr. Mustefa Osman Ismail held extensive talks on ways and means to promote political, economic, trade and security cooperation of the common interests between their respective countries.

The ministers further stressed the need for intensifying border control to combat smuggling and illegal trade and agreed to hold the trilateral private sector conference in Sana'a in 2004.

They have also expressed their appreciation regarding to the ongoing Sudanese peace process in Kenya and hoped that the desired peace agreement would result in the final settlement to the problem of southern Sudan. On the Somalia reconciliation process, the ministers welcomed the results achieved so far in the on going negotiations in Kenya and called upon the different Somalia factions to return the negotiation table and to continue the peace process.

The ministers reiterated their resolve to combat terrorism and agreed to enhance security cooperation and coordination between their respective countries.
ENA- 4 November 2003

IGAD Summit Ends Adopting Communique

The Tenth Ordinary Conference of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) ended by issuing a communiqu¨¦ aimed at helping bring about peace and stability in the sub-region.

Following the Naivasha declaration of 22 October 2003, the summit welcomed and urged the parties to conclude the final peace agreement by the end of this year, according to the communiqu¨¦.

The summit welcomed and encouraged all the parties involved in the Sudan peace process to continue with the process of dialogue in order to resolve the remaining outstanding issues as agreed.

The Summit committed itself to support the reconstruction and peace building effort in the Sudan and urged the IGAD secretariat to formulate in collaboration with international organizations and development partners, a workplan to that effect.

Following discussions and exchange of views on the current complications encountered in the peace process between Ethiopia and Eritrea, the summit decided that the current IGAD Chairman and the current Chairman of the African Union be engaged in the implementation of the Algiers Agreement.

The summit endorsed the resolution of the 22nd session of the IGAD council of ministers on the IGAD future vision for integration and security.

On Somalia Peace Process, the Summit recommended to expand the technical committee now renamed as the facilitation committee on the Somali Peace Process led by Kenya to include Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda and Sudan.
Heads of State and Government observed the serious harm travel advisories inflict on the economies of member states of IGAD,

particularly in the tourism sector and investment. They emphasized that IGAD region was safe for tourists and other investors, according to the communiqu¨¦.
ENA-25 October 2003

Seyoum Holds Talks With Sudanese, Egyptian Foreign Ministers

Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin had held talks with his Sudanese and Egyptian counterparts on bilateral and regional issues.
Seyoum, who attend the UN General assembly in New York, has also held talks with Under Secretary General and representative of landlocked developing countries and small island developing countries, Anwarul K.Chodkury.

During his talks with the Sudanese Foreign Minister, Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, Seyoum said Ethiopia gives special attention to the peace process in the Sudan, and ways of further consolidating the efforts launched to bring about peace and stability in Somalia.
While holding talks with the Egyptian Foreign Minister, Ahmed Maher El-Sayed, Seyoum expressed Ethiopia's desire to further strengthen its friendly relations with Egypt.

He also expressed his country's desire that Nile reparian countries become beneficiaries of the resources of the river. Seyoum said Ethiopia is also desirous of strengthening its ties with Middle East countries.
ENA-20 October 2003

Japan Pledges $ 1 Billion

Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi announced US$ one billion grant aid to Africa as the third edition of the Tokyo International Conference on Africa's Development (TICAD III) opened on the September 29th ,2003 with over 1000 delegates attending. To be disbursed over a period of five years, the fund will finance areas like health and medical care, including HIV/AIDS, as well as education, water and food assistance.

In a keynote address to the conference, Prime Minister Koizumi, said that "human-centre development", "poverty reduction through economic growth", and "consolidation of peace" were the three pillars that comprise Japan's initiative for assistance to Africa.

"These pillars also correspond to the priority areas laid out by NEPAD", he added. Japan has apparently laid much emphasis on NEPAD as reflected in the premier's address.

The co-chairperson of the Global Coalition for Africa, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi warned that the renewed commitments to Africa's development over the past few years should not be reason to relax 'our' efforts to put Africa's development at the centre of the global agenda for peace and development. "Hence, one of the key objectives of TICAD, that of focusing the attention of the international community on Africa's development is as relevant today as it has been at the beginning of the TICAD process," he underscored.

Including 23 African heads of State and Government, over 1000 delegates, representing 89 countries and 47 international and regional organizations have been in attendance.
EH- 30 September 2003

Ethiopia Requests for Alternative to Resolve Dispute

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said the decision of the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission (EEBC) on Badem and parts of the central sector is totally illegal, unjust and irresponsible.

The Prime Minister said in a letter addressed to the UN Security Council the colonial treaties which are the basis of the Algiers Agreement and which should have been the key basis of the Algiers Agreement and which should have been the key basis for the delimitation and demarcation of the boundary leave Badme inside Ethiopia.

Despite the overwhelming evidence produced by Ethiopia proving that Badme had always been administered by Ethiopia, the commission chose to base its decision on state practice and awarded Badme to Eritrea, he said.

The commission's decision which was allegedly based on state practice also ended up splitting a single village and even a single homestead between the two countries, he said. Its decisions in some parts of the central sector are equally illegal, unjust and irresponsible.

It's unimaginable for the Ethiopian people to accept such a blatant miscarriage of justice, he said, adding that the decision is thus a recipe for continued instability, and even recurring wars.

The Prime Minister said the Boundary Commission admits that there are indeed anomalies in its decision but states that it is unable to correct them unless the parties give it an additional mandate. The commission cannot be unaware of Eritrea's total rejection of dialogue on demarcation, he said.

He said nothing worthwhile can be expected from the commission to salvage the peace process instead it seems to be determined to continue its disastrous stance whatever the consequence to the peace of the region.

Under these circumstances, only the Security Council can salvage the peace process, he said, adding that the Boundary Commission has itself acknowledged the responsibility of the United Nations, in accordance with the Algiers Agreement, to assist the two parties overcome challenges they might face in the process of delimitation and demarcation.

As the commission's decisions could inevitably lead the two countries into another round of fratricidal war, the Security Council has an obligation, arising out of the UN Charter, to avert such a threat to regional peace and stability, the Prime Minister said.
Ethiopia hopes that the Security Council, the witnesses and guarantors of the Algiers Agreement and the Secretary General, will help the two parties achieve the objective and purpose of the Algiers Agreement and break the present deadlock.
Accordingly, Ethiopia, when reaffirming its commitment under the Algiers Agreement, stands ready to enter into a formal commitment to reject the use of force as a means of resolving disputes and calls upon Eritrea to do the same, Meles said.
ENA-28 September 2003

Meles Underscores Ethiopia's Commitment

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi reaffirmed Ethiopia's Strong conviction to contribute its share for the prevalence of lasting peace and stability across the Africa continent.

Speaking to the Ethiopian Peace Keeping Battalion departing to Burundi at the ceremony held today at the premises of Ground forces, Meles said Ethiopia is contributing its share through contributing peacekeeping forces to the African Union in the efforts deployed to bring a lasting peace to one of Africa's longest and deadly civil wars.

He said the deployment of Ethiopian Peacekeeping force to the East African country is the manifestation of Ethiopia's firm commitment to ensure peace and security across the continent.

The peacekeeping force that has 900 members would discharge its mission under the auspices of AU in collaboration with peacekeeping forces drawn from Mozambique and South Africa.
WIC-25 September 2003

Beijing and Addis Ababa To Establish Relations

Chairperson of Beijing People's Political Consultative Conference said the Chinese government was desirous to further enhance the bilateral cooperation existing between China and Ethiopia.

Cheng Shie told journalists after conferring with President Girma Wolde-Giorgis here that the longstanding friendly relations and bilateral cooperation would further be bolstered with strong economic ties in the years ahead.

She said the talks between her and the President centered on ways of further strengthening economic and other areas of cooperation between the two countries.

Shie expressed her government's readiness to establish strong links between Addis Ababa and Beijing by making them a twin city.
The chairperson also held talks with the Addis Ababa City Mayor, Arkebe Ekubay, on the relations and cooperation that should exist between the two cities.

President Girma told Shie on his part that the cooperation between Ethiopia and China would further be consolidated.
ENA-19 November 2003

Economic Development

Chinese, African Companies Sign Agreements

Various Chinese and 15 African companies and government entities signed cooperation agreements here

The cooperation agreements were the result of the China-Africa Business conference held in connection with the second China- Africa Cooperation Forum.

The Ethiopian investment Commission and the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce (ECC) were among those that signed separate agreement with the China Chamber of Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).

Other private companies of Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania and Nigeria were also signed cooperation agreement with Chinese companies.
President of ECC Berhane Mewa told reporters after the signing ceremony that the cooperation agreement reached between ECC and CCPIT would be instrumental to promote mutual interest and avoid unjust trade practices.

He said it would also help increase the purchasing capacity of the country and transfer of technology by the investment to be carried out through joint venture. Berhane further said arrangements would be made for the establishment of the African Union Chamber of Commerce.
ENA-16 December 2003

Petroleum Production Agreement Signed

The Ministry of Mines and SI - Tech International (SIL), a Middle East based Company have signed a Petroleum Development and Production Sharing Agreement in Calub and Hilala areas in the Somali State.

According to the agreement, the Company would invest an estimated capital of 1.5 Billion USD for the activity.

Minister of Mines, Ambassador Mohamoud Dirir and Chairman of SI - Tech International group, Ziad I. kh Mango signed the agreement.

Ambassador Mohamoud said on the occasion that the Company was licensed to carry out the stated activity for the coming 25 years. The Minister said the Calub gas reserves alone were estimated at 2.7 Trillion Cubic Feet (TCF) while the Hilala gas reserves estimated at 1.3 TCF. He said the Company would undertake the activities in accordance with the laws and regulations prevailing in the country as well as international experiences.

Ziad Mango said on his part that the Company would begin production in the coming two and a half years.
ENA-15 December 2003

E ¡¤ Nile Sub-Basin Countries to Launch Dev't Projects

The Eastern Nile Basin Countries-Ethiopia, Egypt and the Sudan-have agreed to launch huge water resource development projects in the sub-region.

This was disclosed after ministers of the three countries met and held talks with Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin on issues related to the progress so far made on sub-basin cooperation among the three countries.

Ethiopian Minister of water Resources, Shiferaw Jarso told journalists after the discussions that member states in the sub-basin have agreed to set up experts' group to work on the draft investment plans. Shiferaw said hydropower, irrigation and drainage, watershed management, as well as capacity building programmes were the major investment projects due to be undertaken in the sub-region.The delegates of the three countries held successful discussions on the feasibility of the investment plans, Shiferaw said, adding the countries have also succeeded in securing soft loans from the African Development bank.
(ENA-12 December 2003)

FAO says Ethiopia in Right Track to Address Food Shortage

Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Ethiopia, George K.Mburathi, has lauded the present direction of the Ethiopian government towards addressing food shortage problems in the country as a milestone to find lasting solutions to the root causes of the problem.

Mburathi told to reporters that the new schemes designed to reverse the trends of food insecurity risks, along with development partners and donor agencies, provide a new dimension to mitigate rural poverty in the country.

In this regard, the commitment of the members of the new coalition for Food security in Ethiopia would provide an enabling environment to alleviate the prevailing food shortage challenges in a sustained manner, Mburathi said.

Mburathi suggested that interventions made against food crisis need to mainly geared towards supporting development endeavors at the national level.

The representative said FAO, as one of the main stakeholders, has been undertaking interventions focusing on enhancing agricultural productivity to avert food crisis in the country.
(WIC-5 December 2003)

Gov't Launches Food Security Programme

ADDIS ABABA - Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said that his government "is not only ready for action but has already launched the implementation" of the Food Security Programme in the expectation that partners would join very soon.

In a speech he made at a meeting held here on Food Security at AU Conference Hall, the Premier said that the work has been accomplished so far in terms of developing the Food Security Programme and working out the implementation modalities would lead to conclude that "now is the time for action".

The ever increasing budget allocation for Food Security Programme depicts the government's readiness for action, according to the Primier.

The Premier assured partners in the Coalition for Food Security in Ethiopia that the government would be consistently guided by the consensus positions that have been developed in implementing not only the Food Security Programme but also the rural development programme of which the Food Security Programme is an essential part.
(Ethiopia Herald: -2 December 2003)

Meles Says Priority To Rural Development to Reduce Poverty

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said giving piority to rural development and being able to create more job opportunity would help reduce poverty.

Meles said mobilizing the rural community in income generating schemes and developing their capacity would enable the country to free itself from poverty.

Meles made the remark while conferring with Director General of the International Labor Organization (ILO), Joan Somavia here at his office.

He said the newly designed Agricultural Development Strategy is being implemented with a view to ensuring sustainable development. The strategy would also help create job opportunity to the rural people, Meles said.

The ILO Director General told Meles on his part that Ethiopia has formulated Food Security Program, which he said, is a correct measure. He said ILO and Ethiopia are cooperating in the areas of capacity building, women's participation and children's affairs.
ENA-01 December 2003

Ethiopia Registers Encouraging Results in 2002/2003: Sufian

Despite the severe drought and continued deterioration of the terms of trade, the Ethiopian government has been able to meet most macroeconomic and fiscal performance targets in 2002/03 fiscal year, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development (MoFED) said.

"The government's current plan calls for reducing the external current account deficit, including official transfers to about 6.3 percent of GDP by 2002/2006," the minister said.

"The government will continue to maintain a cautious expenditure policy, while making every effort to increase poverty-reducing spending," he added.

According to the minister, education, health, roads, water supply and sanitation were the major areas where the government had been able to register encouraging results.

The gross enrolment ratio of education increased from 59 percent in 2000/01 to 64.4 percent by the end of 2002/03, two years ahead of the target set for the Second Education Sector Development Program (ESDP II), he said. The target set for the end of the EDPRP (2004/05) was 65 per cent, the minister said.

With regard to the health service coverage it has increased and reached 60 percent by the end of 2002/03, surpassing the SDPRP target by 4 percent, according to the minister.

New road construction in the areas of major economic and population centers were also among the major activities, Sufian said, adding, road density reached 31 km per 1000 square kilometers during the year under review.

In an effort to improve water supply and sanitation, a number of activities have been undertaken and as a result more than 2 million rural populations were expected to benefit from the schemes carried out during the fiscal year.

By the end of year 2002/2003, around 34 percent of the population had access to improved water supply,
25 percent in rural areas and 85 percent in urban, the minister said.
Addis Ababa,
ENA-01 December 2003

Britain to Extend $ 100 million Annual Dev't Assistance

British Ambassador to Ethiopia, Myles Wickstead has announced his country's plan to provide a 100 million USD development assistance to Ethiopia annually as of 2005.

Speaking at a public lecture organized by Ethiopian International Institute for Peace and Development (EIIPD), yesterday, Ambassador Wickstead said most of the stated sum, which does not include humanitarian and emergency assistance, would be given in the form of direct budgetary support with a view to propelling the development initiatives underway in the country.

"We are supporting Ethiopia as the country is committed to reducing poverty and accelerating economic progress. We are convinced that Ethiopia is on the right track to development and democratization," he said.

Ambassador Wickstead said that the revitalization in recent years of the longstanding ties between Ethiopia and Britain has enabled the two countries to enjoy an excellent state of bilateral relations and cooperation. (Ethiopian Herald-29 November 2003)

30 Million Birr Gas Cylinder Filling Plant Inaugurated

MERIFIC, the Iran gas project private limited company under taken with a joint venture by
Iranian and Ethiopian entrepreneurs with a combined capital of 30 million birr was inaugurated.
MERIFIC built in Burayou, the Oromia state has the capacity to fill 1250 gas cylinders in one shift alone.
According to MERIFIC -Ethiopia general manger Dr Kinfe Tetgegne, the project would import gas from the Sudan for the cylinders.
He said over 10,000 gas cylinders have been made ready for service, adding that Ethiopian entrepreneurs own 30 percent of the shareholding, he said.

He said MERIFIC has plans to build similar projects in Diredawa, Makelle and Awassa towns.
The Iranian minister of agriculture Muhammud Hojat inaugurated the project.
ENA-20 October 2003

Ethiopia Elected IOC Executive Board Member

Ethiopia has been elected executive board member of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) on its 89th conference held in Cartagena, Colombia.

A press release of the Tea and Coffee authority said the conference elected Ethiopia for being Arabica Coffee producer. The 40th year anniversary of ICO held for eight days beginning September 19 elected the executive board member countries from coffee exporting and importing countries to implement agreement reached during the conference.

The conference deliberated on ways and measures that need to be taken to solving international coffee price crisis, it said.
Improving coffee quality and marketing and designing projects that would support the coffee development sector were identified as remedial measures, it indicated.

The release said USA was to rejoin the organization which it withdrew from in 1992 by opposing quota system.
ENA-29 September 2003

Dutch Company Signs 62 Mln. Birr Floriculture Development Agreement

Linssen Roses Ethiopia, a Dutch Company, signed a 62 million birr investment agreement to launch a floricultural development in Ejere Woreda, 66-km West of Addis Ababa.

The agreement will allow the company to engage in floriculture development on 40 hectares of land in Kimolo locality of Ejere woreda, West Shoa Zone of the Oromia State.
ENA-25 September 2003

World Bank Commends Ethiopia's Progress In Development

Ethiopia has scored tangible progress over the past two years in various development endeavors, but much is yet to be done, says Nicolas Stern, World Bank (WB) expert.

The expert, who held talks with Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and other higher government officials, told a press conference at the Sheraton Addis that the development policies and strategies that the government of Ethiopia put in place have helped to achieve tangible results.

The chief World Bank Economist Nicolas Stern urged the international community to double development assistance to Ethiopia as the country is showing marked progress. He said current development aid of WB to Ethiopia reaches an annual amount of up to 900 million US dollars excluding humanitarian assistance. The government of Ethiopia has given due emphasis to agriculture, health and education, which are main engines for fostering growth, he said.

Stern said many strategies and policies currently under implementation in the country are promising for a greater participation of the local population in decision-making.
ENA-25 September 2003

COMESA To Establish Free Investment Zone

A framework agreement that would enable to establish the Common Market For Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) investment area is tabled for discussion .

COMESA consultant Treuor Simumba said the agreement would enable to enhance COMESA's attractiveness and competitiveness for promoting direct investment.

The agreement would enable investors in the COMESA member countries invest in the investment area. All industries are opened to investment to COMESA investors by 2005 and to all investors by the year 2010.

He said there should be COMESA court of justice in relation to any dispute arising from or any differences between member states concerning the interpretation or application of the agreement and any arrangement arising there from

Ethiopian Investment Authority general manager Abi Wolde-Meskel said on his part that the establishment of the investment area would help member states attract direct foreign investment in their respective countries. He said this meeting was aimed at enriching the framework agreement through heated debate.

Leaders of COMESA member states are expected to ratify the agreement.
ENA-02 September 2003

Social and Cultural

AVU Business Studies program launched

The African Virtual University (AVU) in collaboration with the Addis Ababa University (AAU) and the Curtin University of Technology in Australia has launched a distance education program in Ethiopia. The Technology Business Studies program will be offered as of the year 2004.

Education Minister Genet Zewde officially announced the launch of the program in Ethiopia at a ceremony held on December 9/2003 at the Sheraton Addis. Genet said the distance education program will help realize the Ethiopian government's capacity building efforts.

AAU President Professor Andreas Eshete on the occasion said the AVU Business Studies Program will offer accredited business studies degree and diploma courses based on the use of information and communications technologies (ICTs).

"Apart from the courses, students also link up to the African Virtual University web-based digital library... (and ) provision is also made for live sessions between the students and the overseas content provider, Curtin University, as well as possibilities to communicate using telephone, emails and live chat interaction," he said. Enrollment is currently underway and the first semester will start in January 2004, he indicated.

The Rector of the AVU Kuzvinetsa Peter Dzvimbo on his part said, "... the relationship between the African Virtual University and the Addis Ababa University on the one hand and the Curtin University on the other represents one model in which the African Virtual University brokers content from an overseas institution and then makes it available to African students through a local institution."

Italy to Return Axum Obelisk To Ethiopia

The dismantling of the top of the 24 -meters tall Axum obelisk looted from Ethiopia by the Italian soldiers under the order of fascist Benito Mussolini in 1937 began on Friday in Rome where it has been erected for over six decades there.

Ethiopia has launched a worldwide campaign for over 50 years to get back the historical monument, the Ethiopian embassy in Rome said.

Although the Italian government agreed to began detaching the monument in august 2003, technical and weather problems affected the dismantling process.

The highly delicate operation involves using computer -guided jacks to remove each segment from three bronze joints measuring 10 centimeters in diameter.

The obelisk has been sanding for over six decades in front of the main entrance to the headquarters of the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in central Rome.

In June 2002, it was struck by lighting, which partly damaged its tip.
ENA-7 November 2003

Ethiopian Scientists Win IOCD Awards

The International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development (IOCD) has presented the Pierre Crabbe Award 2006 to three distinguished African Scientists, two of them being Ethiopians, as it Marks 20th Anniversary.

The award winners are Ermias Dagne, Professor of organic chemistry at Addis Ababa University, Berhanu Abegaz, professor of chemistry at the University of Botswana and John Bradley, professor in the Faculty of Science of the University of Witwatersrand
in South Africa, according to the Chemical Society of Ethiopia.

The Pierre Crabbe Award is being presented to the three African scientists in recognition of their distinguished contributions to the advancement of science and education in developing countries.

The award is established in honor of the IOCD founder, Pierre Crabbe, a Belgian scientist who was strongly committed to supporting research among scientists in developing countries..
ENA-5 November 2003.

Ethiopian Flies to Guangzhou, South China

The Ethiopian Airlines (EAL) has commenced once a week regular flight to Guangzhou, capital of South China Guangdong Province. This new flight is Ethiopian Airline's second destination in mainland China in addition to twice weekly flight to Hong Kong.

In similar development, the Airline has widen its network by commencing its regular flight to Stockholm, Sweden. Speaking at the inaugural ceremony at the Arlanda international airport, Marketing Executive officer of the EAL, Mekonnen Abebe said in compliance to its moto "Africa's link to the world" Ethiopian has made a remarkable progress in the aviation industry in connecting not only Ethiopia but also Africa with the rest of the world in the past 57 years.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Sweden Birehanu Kebede said on the occasion that the new flight service would play a pivotal role towards strengthening the 50 years long diplomatic relations as well as promoting trade and investment opportunities between the two countries.
WIC-02 November2003

Association To Construct $ 65 Million Center

President of the Ethiopian North American Health Professionals Association (ENHPA) announces plan to establish a Cardiac Treatment Center in Addis Ababa at a cost of 65 million USD.

Prof. Engida Asfaw said the center, whose construction is scheduled to be completed from 3-5 years, will be fully equipped by the association.

Prof. Engida said the association would also continue to contribute its share in the efforts underway to tackle the health problems existing in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Addis Ababa City Deputy Mayor, Hilawe Yoseph said the city government would extend support to help the association realize its plan..
ENA-07 October 2003

Japanese University Awards Meles Honoray Doctorate Degree

Kokushikan, a Japanese University in Tokyo awarded an honorary doctorate degree to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi at a ceremony held with in the compound of the university.

The doctor of law honoris causa presented to the Prime Minister Meles by Executive Board Chairman of the university, Prof. Haruo Nishihara.

Prof. Nshihara said on the occasion that the university awarded the honorary doctorate degree to Meles for his outstanding contribution made to the prevalence of peace and stability in Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, Great Lakes Region and Africa as whole.
Meles was awarded the degree for his unstinted efforts made to resolve the Ethio-Eritrea conflict peacefully and matured political leadership that enables the country to embark up on sustainable development he said. The Chairman said the university, which was established in 1917, is one of the largest universities exiting in Japan.
ENA-02 October 2003

Miss Tourism Ethiopia Win a Title In Beauty Pageant

The Current Miss Tourism Ethiopia, Yodit Getahun, has won an international beauty contest held recently in Moscow, Russia, it was announced.

Yodit represented Ethiopia at the recently concluded Miss Tourism of the Global Contest in Moscow in which contestants from 30 countries in the world took part.

In similar development, Hayat Ahmed arrived back in the city to tumultuous welcome from her admirers after competing in the Miss World Pageant held in China early December. Hayat Ahmed had failed to be one of the last five contestants after successfully landing in the semi-final comprising the 20 "most beautiful women of the world."

However, she had succeeded in being chosen as the "Queen of Africa". The "Queen of Europe" was Irish - who was also "Miss World". The Queen of the Americas is Miss Canada and the Queen of the Caribbean Island is Miss Jamaica. Hayat Ahmed was Ethiopia's first representative to any Miss World pageant. All together three Ethiopians participated in international pageants this year, including Jerusalem Ketema at the Miss International, Model of the Universe.
ENA-18 September 2003 & Addis Tribune

Nation Accords Heroic Welcome to Victorious Athletes

The Ethiopian athletics squad that registered a resounding victory in the ninth IAAF world champions held in Paris, France was accorded a heroic welcome at a ceremony held at Addis Ababa stadium.

Athletes Kenenisa Bekele and Tirunseh Dibaba who snatched the gold medals in the challenging the 10,000 and 5,000 meters respectively said they will begin their training to be fit for the up coming continental and the Greece Olympic competitions. The victorious athletes told reporters at the ceremony that they would do everything in their power to make the national flag fly high in the international competitions. Ethiopia stood first in Africa and third in the world table of medals
ENA-18 September 2003