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The Amhara National Regional State

Home of the 2nd longest river in the world - the Blue Nile
Rock- hewn churches of the 12 th century
- Location North west and north central
- Temperature range 15°C\21°C
- Area 179,602 km2
- Population 15,860,000
- Rain fall range 400-2000mm
- Altitude range 1500mt below sea level - 2300mt above sea level

Major Resources and Potential Development Schemes
- Cash crop - cotton, sesame, sunflower and sugarcane
- Abundant arable land - best for horticultural development
- Hydro power - The Blue Nile- has a great hydro -power potential.
- Irrigation - along " Tana " - the largest lake in the country
- Tourism - hotel facilities & tourist sites development