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Export Strategy

Ethiopia's external trade sector is characterized by a significant product & market concentration. Primary commodities such as coffee, hides & skins, live animals, pulses and oil seeds heavily dominate its export trade. Its imports consist of, among others, semi-finished goods, petroleum & petroleum products, food items, pharmaceuticals, vehicles & spare parts, raw materials as well as industrial and agricultural capital goods. When it comes to markets, the developed market economies absorb and supply over 70 % of the country's exports & imports. Coffee is the most important export item accounting for about 60% of the country's export earnings. Cognizant of the need to reduce dependence on coffee and other few primary export commodities, the government gives emphasis towards export promotion & diversification. In this line, a new export development strategy has been adopted. The strategy emphasizes the need to:

- increase the quantity and quality of existing export items,
- diversify export items to new, better & high value agriculture products,
- develop a new basis for exports of labor intensive manufacturing goods like leather and leather products, and textile garments,
- explore & develop mineral & fuel deposits for exports.

With a view to facilitating implementation of this strategy and providing a comprehensive support to exporters, the government has set up recently an Export Promotion Agency (EPA).